Know your Vehicle

Get a real-time complete 360 Degree view of your daily fleet operations with vehicle name, type, group, class, category. Our GPS vehicle tracking solution shows vehicle name, payment status, device id, SIM number, username, IMEI number, vehicle division, vehicle owner etc and at the same time allows to add, edit, export and import the vehicle list


Geo-fencing alert define next level safety and security to increase operational efficiency and workforce optimization. An interesting feature to create geographical boundaries with latitude, longitude and address for greater productivity and efficiency,

  • Create Landmark, Edit Landmark
  • Create Route, Edit Route
  • Create Area, Edit Area
  • Create Zone, Edit Zone

Dashboard Features

Track your Vehicle, employee, Employee, Kids, Pets and boats from anywhere at anytime. With our GPS Based Tracking & Management. The exclusive Dashboard features enable fleet managers to quickly and easily view overall fleet performance. Real-time tracking has huge benefits to make on-demand management decisions.

Vehicle Name

Easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, helps to view vehicle name and all the related information like asset name, device id, device status, engine runtime, SIM number etc safely, quickly and efficiently just by selecting the vehicle.

Driver Master

Allow to create and edit driver profile with driver name, driver id, address, email id, mobile number etc to improve driver behavior, driver performance and control fuel wastage, speeding, tardiness and extended idling.

Parked Duration

Park vehicle longer than the preset duration, contribute to high fuel costs. Our fleet tracking solutions help you to know the parked duration and send a notification when vehicles idle longer than a preset duration.


As speed is one among the factor to help reduce fuel costs, our truck tracking solutions provide speed information and alerts when truck cross the set speed thresholds. Speeds can also significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumption.

Ignition Status

Our GPS fleet tracking solutions help you to uncover hidden costs, reveal potential for greater productivity and efficiency by knowing the ignition status of your fleet. Detect ignition status as on/off and send notification to master and can view separate Ignition Report.

Fuel Consumption

Our GPS fleet tracking systems provides location-based information to reduce fuel usage by effectively manage, monitor and deploy resources. With real time visibility of your vehicles on map view, advice your drivers and moderate fuel costs.

Manage Users

 Manage your business with greater potential and provide exceptional customer service with the “user vehicle mapping” feature. Business owner can create separate users such as fleet managers with limited access of your fleet activities and manage their profiles to minimize the risk and loss while improving results and ROI.

Date Time

High-resolution maps view helps to locate the vehicle in real-time along with date time, locality, street address and area details. Tag fleets to time zones for accurate reporting.

Import Journey Details

Get detailed travelling related statistics like trip start and exit locations, time, average speed, distance travelled, parked duration etc.

Other Features

Speed Graph

Trip Graph

History Map

AC Report

Time Sheet Report


Reports reveal huge business potential on weekly or monthly basis. Organized data uncover many unseen prospects about daily visit with Daily Visit Report, daily activity with Daily Activity Report, journey details with Journey Details Report, summary, speed and driving policy violations, assets parked time etc.


With fleet tracking, get a quick ignition On/Off, speeding or any driving policy violation alert.

Stop Report

Provide the flexibility to view the report with multiple filters start and end date, ignition status group, vehicles etc.

Distance Report

Location Wise Distance, Distance Between Report all these reports provides Filter by attributes or tags and sort functions based on parameters.

Daily Visit Report

Discover huge opportunity to reduce needless expenditure, and helps to prioritize important tasks. Simple yet effective time-management tool to track employee’s daily activity.

Playback/History Report

Provide map and grid view report with navigation type and vehicle type filters. Playback your assets route history for selected dates and follow the actual routes taken by drivers.

Mileage Report

View and export the mileage report for selected date and selected vehicles

GPS Tracking App

Track whereabouts of your fleets, employee, pet using mobile apps. View Get real-time alerts. Monitor fuel consumption. Get GPS based vehicle location

  • Vehicle List

    provides quick access to crucial data vehicle name, address, idle time, speed along with date and time from GPS tracking mobile app.

  • Notification

    Enable notification when you want, sound on/off, vibrate, parking alert etc.

  • Map View

    Normal, Hybrid, Terrain and Satellite map view make your navigation an interesting experience with easy to use interface.

  • Settings

    Fully customizable notifications, map setting, color theme features. Set your language preference.

  • Kms Summary

    Get summary of kilometers covers, speed, distance etc.

  • My Geofences

    Geofence map view and grid view function records entry and exit time of the fleets and employees.

  • Driver List

    View and manage the drivers as per your choiceFeature-rich tracking app to  access essential information on fingertips.

  • Support

     Constant support from community just by sharing mobile no, problem and description.

Use Cases