Manage Human Assets

Equipped with powerful features, assign tasks to your field employee right away from smartphones and tablets to maximum performance and productivity of your remote team.

Real-time tracking on map

Attendance Management

Flawless dispatch with location based task assignment

Instant alerts and notifications to minimize loss

Travel expenses settlemen

Travel route monitoring


Works Offline

Highly reliable Sales Field Employee Tracking App, works with or without internet connectivity and sync data with latitude and longitude whenever network is available.

Low Power & Data Consumption

Lightweight, and highly optimized for battery and data usage.

Zero paperwork

Mobile based convenient and efficient solution for quick order fulfillment to maximize productivity and performance of remote employee. Directly upload photos with date, time and location information.

Geotagged Attendance

Know exact location with geotagged attendance where attandence captured with location and time.

Everything on Fingertips

Download Reports

Leave Record

Leave management

Chat module

Manage 10 thousand of employees in a single account.

Integrated Sales Force Automation Software

Real Time Proof with Real Time Tracking

Increase Field Reps Productivity

Prevent Fraud

Eliminate Paperwork

Boost Revenue


How it Works?



Manage daily activity geotagged attendance, assign tasks from the app to increase your sales force productivity and efficiency.



Track employees, get real -time alerts and notification, flexibility to upload photos, route planning, and leave management to provide better user experience



Geofencing features triggers an alert when employee in or go out of geofence area, monitor expenses management, monitor real-time movement on the map.



A Powerful Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting System to provide actionable data driven insights.